We are here to listen to your concerns and resolve your complaint

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, Rae Lamb, appeared on Adelaide television news last night to highlight that anyone can raise concerns with us about Australian Government funded aged care services.

This followed a series of stories where people raised concerns about residential aged care.

The Complaints Commissioner wants you to know that if you have concerns and you feel unable to raise these directly with the service yourself, or you have been unable to resolve them you should contact us on 1800 550 552.

Anyone can make a complaint. We are a free service and we will work with you to address your concerns.

We understand that it’s not an easy decision to make a complaint. You may feel vulnerable raising concerns about people you have relationships with and about services you or someone you care for depends on. We are here to listen to your concerns and support you to resolve your complaint using a range of approaches and tools.

We accept confidential, anonymous and open complaints. Please talk to us about these options.

Complaints may relate to any aspect of services including personal and clinical care, choice of activities, discrimination, catering, communication or the physical environment.


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4 comments on We are here to listen to your concerns and resolve your complaint

  1. James Stewart

    I will be lodging a series of complaints about bupa Stirling.
    Good to see Dr Lamb spreading the word.

  2. Marina Etherington

    Inadequate dental care, including teeth cleaning.

    1. Complaints Commissioner team

      Marina if you would like to speak to a complaints officer please call 1800 550 552. You can also lodge a complaint online or in writing and one of our complaints officers will contact you if you wish.

  3. Brett White

    Seems like an easy enough process. Thanks!