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Archived Industry information

A range of Industry Feedback Alerts and What can we learn? Reports were published under the former Aged Care Complaints Scheme prior to 1 January 2016. These archived reports contain information that may be relevant for aged care staff, noting that some content may be out-of-date since the publication date. For ease of access, the archived documents have been provided below.

These alerts and reports are not advice or directions.

Aged Care Residents Who Go Missing: What Can We Learn From Compulsory Reports?

Published 15 May 2014

This report includes an analysis of missing resident data recorded by the former Aged Care Complaints Scheme from 1 January 2009 to 30 June 2009, and the following financial year, 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010. The ‘Clinical perspectives’ attachment to this report provides a guide to understanding and managing wandering behaviour.

Identifying care needs in respite care

Published 30 October 2014

This Alert discusses the importance of identifying the care needs, care planning and appropriate documentation of these things for respite residents.

Police certificates and subcontractors

Published 9 July 2014

This Alert provides clarification about compliance with police certificate requirements when providers broker or subcontract to organisations that provide aged care services on their behalf.

Effective communication in palliative care

Published 14 April 2014

This Alert discusses ways you can show support and demonstrate effective communication in a palliative care setting with care recipients, their family and friends.

Oral health and dental hygiene

Published 10 December 2013

This Alert discusses the importance of maintaining a good standard of oral health and appropriate dental treatment for aged care recipients.

Lap belts on wheelchairs

Published 26 November 2013

This alert is relevant to all aged care services about the risks involved in the use of lap belts on wheelchairs.

Manual lifting

Published 12 November 2013

This Alert aims to increase awareness of the issues and risks involved with manual lifting.

Basic home fire safety

Published 1 February 2013

The Alert is for service providers regarding coroner findings that relate to two separate investigations into fatalities caused by fire in care recipients’ homes.

Security of tenure

Published 29 January 2013

This Alert provides suggestions of areas that Australian Government subsidised aged care providers may wish to review within their service in relation to security of tenure and ageing in place provisions of the Aged Care Act 1997.

Bed poles

Published 2 April 2012

The Alert considers the risk of the use of KA524 bed poles, staff to patient ratios overnight, and emergency care protocols.

Call bells

Published 11 October 2011

This Alert discusses complaints about call bell response times and communicating with complainants about an inappropriate response time.

Smoking in facilities

Published 7 October 2011

This Alert highlights some of the Coroner’s observations for aged care services to consider in relation to the death of a care recipient who accidentally caught alight while smoking in a designated outdoor smoking area of the aged care home.