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Staff Journey

1. Acknowledgement

Staff can feel:

  1. that a complaint is a personal criticism or attack
  2. that a complaint is unjustified
  3. afraid of being blamed or punished for a complaint
  4. disempowered to resolve minor issues
  5. unsupported in resolving issues and complaints

2. Assessment

Negative emotions can be experienced more intensely when a complaint involves:

  1. complex or sensitive issues
  2. allegations against other staff members

3. Response

Service providers should establish mechanisms and processes that support staff to deal with complaints by:

  1. supporting a blame-free, positive and resolution-focused complaint culture
  2. having complaint handling policies and procedures
  3. complainants behaving in unreasonable ways
  4. Staff involved in handling complaints should have reassurance that escalating a complaint within the service will not result in punishment from the service provider.

4. Follow Up

Service providers can improve staff skills and confidence in complaint handling by:

  1. providing debriefing and counselling opportunities
  2. establishing regular forums for staff to share strategies.
  3. Enhance your skills by inviting guest speakers and accessing training on communication, conflict resolution and mediation
  4. asking experienced staff to mentor and support new staff
  5. providing training and professional development opportunities.