Release Launch of new education resources

We have have released four new education resources today. There are three animations about our service provider complaint resolution process and the Complaints Commissioner’s top 10 tips.

Service provider resolution is just one of the approaches we use to resolve complaints. The animations outline our process by showing you the roles that we, the complainant, and the service provider have in resolving a complaint.

There are three animations, each aimed at a different audience. The links below will take you to our YouTube channel where you will also find some additional animated resources.

1. Service provider resolution from a consumer’s perspective

2. Service provider resolution from a service provider’s perspective

3. The use of service provider resolution for an anonymous complaint

The Complaints Commissioner’s top 10 tips for making a complaint are a printed resource aimed at consumers. For someone thinking of making a complaint, the tips are useful and practical.

This and all our other printed resources are available in English and in 24 community languages, which can be downloaded via the factsheet section or ordered on the resource page of our website.