Fact sheets

Page last updated: 29 November 2017

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Fact sheets
We have a range of fact sheets that provide more detail about our process for resolving concerns and where to find more information.

Fact sheet – The service we offer you

This fact sheet provides an overview of what the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner can and can’t do and our service charter.

This factsheet is also available in 24 community languages.

Fact sheet – Resolving concerns about aged care

This fact sheet explains the ways the Complaints Commissioner may try to resolve your concerns and the possible outcomes. We encourage people to first raise their concern with the service provider. If you do not feel comfortable raising your concern directly with the service provider or are unable to resolve it with the service provider, this factsheet explains how we can help.

Fact sheet – How aged care advocacy can help you

This fact sheet is primarily for people receiving aged care or their representative. It describes the role of advocacy and the ways agencies can support people to resolve concerns.

Fact sheet – Referrals to other organisations

This fact sheet can help you understand when we would refer your concerns to another organisation better placed to handle them and if you will receive feedback.

Fact sheet – Service provider resolution

This fact sheet explains the steps involved if we refer a complaint to a service provider to resolve.

Fact sheet – What is a direction?

This fact sheet is primarily for service providers. It describes what a direction is and when the Complaints Commissioner can issue a Direction.

Fact sheet – Review rights

This fact sheet is for complainants and aged care providers to understand their right to seek a review of our decision and for anyone to provide feedback or complain about our service.

Fact sheet – Complaints Commissioner’s top 10 tips

This fact sheet provides an easy-to-follow list of tips and information for people that are looking to make a complaint about the Australian Government funded aged care services they or their loved ones are receiving.

Fact sheet – Top tips for service providers: Managing Complaints

This fact sheet contains tips for service providers that would like to improve the way that they manage complaints.