Page last updated: 05 November 2013

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner (the Complaints Commissioner) is committed to continuous improvement to ensure our website allows greater access to all users of the website and meets the accessibility standards. To achieve this, we have made changes to the website which aims to reach conformance with the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) up to the level of AA as far as is technically and feasibly possible.

The Complaints Commissioner is continually making improvements to the accessibility of its website and web content. If you need help accessing information published on this website, please contact us.

Website Accessibility

The website has been tested and is expected to run without any issues on commonly available browsers. Corrections have been made to make the website more accessible to people with disabilities including but not limited to the following enhancements:

  • Skip navigation links
    Skip navigation links have been added to the website so that people using assistive screen readers can more easily navigate within the main content without having to listen to the main navigation links every time they access a page.
  • Descriptive Links and detailed alternate text for images
    All links have relevant description to suggest the purpose and context of the link. Images, charts and figures on the website have meaningful alternate text which can be read by screen reading software
  • Scalable font sizes
    Font resizing can be achieved using the controls built into the browser.
  • Colour contrast
    Website colours have been chosen to provide good contrast between text and their backgrounds. These comply with the Level AA requirements of a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large text. Colour combinations that are known to cause difficulties for people with vision impairment have been avoided.
  • Standards Compliance
    All code is validated by the standard W3C Validator (link here) according to relevant doctypes. As a result the website has improved reliability across all browsers; enables faster downloads and provides for easier navigation for screen readers. All pages on this site use structured semantic mark-up. Separation between the content presentation (CSS) and behaviour (JavaScript) is practiced across all the web pages.
  • Documents on the website
    The website has provided limited number of downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) documents which are lacking accessibility features. To assist users to easily access these documents, alternate accessible HTML versions have been provided.

To view PDF documents you will need PDF viewing software. Adobe PDF Reader can be downloaded for free to view PDF documents. Download Acrobat Reader.