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Copyright notice

By visiting and using the information at this web site you agree to abide by the terms of this copyright notice.

Your rights to use material on the Complaint Commissioner’s website

In accordance with Australian Government policy, the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner (the Complaints Commissioner) aims to make public sector information available on an open and reusable basis where possible, including on its website.

Most material on the Complaints Commissioner’s website will be protected by copyright held by the Commonwealth or a supplier of information to the Commonwealth. Your right to use this material is subject to the terms associated with the material, and could include:

  • An open access licence – this may include a Creative Commons (CC) Attribution 4.0 International Public License. Where this applies, the material will be marked with a CC logo (). The terms and conditions of the relevant CC licences are at: creative commons website
  • An Office licence – where this applies, the terms of the licence will be set out in the copyright statement associated with the material;
  • The Complaints Commissioner’s default terms of use – where no terms of use are associated with a set of material (for example, in a copyright notice on a publication) then you may download, use and copy that material for personal use, or use within your organisation but you may not supply that material to any other person or use it for any commercial purpose. Any use under these default terms must comply with the following:
    1. the Complaints Commissioner must be identified as the source of the material with a prominent link included to the Complaints Commissioner’s web page from which the material was sourced, and
    2. any copyright statement or logo included on, or in connection with, a set of material must be retained.

You must check and comply with the licensing information for each set of material you wish to use.

This may require you to contact the Complaints Commissioner or the original copyright owner for permission to use the material. You may also use any material in accordance with rights you have under the Copyright Act 1968 (for example under the fair dealing provisions or statutory licences).

Use of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms

The terms under which the Commonwealth Coat of Arms can be used are detailed on the It’s an Honour website.

No circumvention of terms

Use of material in a way not permitted by this copyright notice may be an infringement of copyright. Infringing copyright may expose you to legal action by, and liability to, the copyright owner. Where you wish to use material in a way that is beyond the scope of the terms of use that apply to it, you must first obtain the agreement of the Complaints Commissioner.


Contact us if you have any other questions or requests relating to material presented on the Complaints Commissioner’s website.