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From 1 January 2016, the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner will resolve concerns about aged care services funded by the Australian Government, including services provided in the home.

Our vision, objectives and values


People trust that making a complaint is worthwhile; that it will lead to resolution for the individual and improve care for others


  • Resolve – To work with you and the service provider to acknowledge and resolve your concerns or complaint and make a positive difference for people receiving aged care
  • Protect – To take timely action on issues raised through complaints to ensure people receiving aged care are well cared for and protected
  • Improve – To work with the aged care community to learn from complaints and act on opportunities to improve aged care


  • We will be approachable, independent, impartial, and fair in the way we respond to complaints and concerns.
  • We will listen to you, explore what went wrong and work with the people involved to fix it.
  • We will help to ensure that complaints improve care.

More information

  • You can view a short video about how we can help you.

Our beginnings – Transition of the Aged Care Complaints Scheme to the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner

The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner replaces the Aged Care Complaints Scheme and will increase the independence of complaints management by separating complaints handling from the Department of Health’s funding and regulatory roles.

The lodging and handling of new complaints will continue as normal. Anyone with current complaints will not be impacted and the management and resolution of these will continue as outlined to them when the complaint process commenced.

A fact sheet on Independent Aged Care Complaints arrangements is available as part of the Budget materials.